The Vision

To EXPERIENCE, LIVE and SHARE the LOVE, TRUTH and POWER of Jesus Christ every day.

Core Values

LOVE – Unconditional gift of ourselves to Christ and others
(Jn. 3:16 & Matt. 22:37-39)
TRUTH – Unchanged Word of God & Apostles’ doctrine
(Jn. 17:17 & Acts 2:42)
POWER– Holy Spirit demonstration
(Acts 1:8 & I Cor. 12:1-11)

What We Believe

We are Path Apostolic Church. We see Christ’s church as a city of refuge offering eternal hope to a hurting world. We are committed to the belief that the Bible is the inspired, infallible Word of God and we are commissioned to preach and demonstrate that Word with Love, Truth & Power to whomever receives it!

What We Believe

The Path

It’s not where we are, it’s where we’re going in Christ Jesus. And the journey we take, follows a clear path that begins with an Experience, continues with a Lifestyle and proceeds onward with Sharing the Core Values.

Our History

In 1968, one family looked to change the fate of a region.

The History of Path Apostolic Church