Brandon has been a member of Path Apostolic Church since 2010 after being invited by a friend. Brandon had an encounter with God like he had never experienced before, feeling God’s power for the first time.  Brandon was also drawn to the welcoming environment of the church and decided to make it his home.

In addition to their passion for Jesus, Brandon and his wife Elizabeth have a passion for working with young adults. They desire to shape this generation into something great, which naturally led to their involvement with the Hyphen(young adults) at Path Apostolic Church.  

In January of 2018, Brandon and Elizabeth were appointed the Hyphen Directors of Path Apostolic Church which has proven to be a great blessing and privilege.  The Cogers goal for Central Florida’s young adult population is to teach them to love people as they grow in their individual relationships with Jesus.  They loves spending time with the young adults, as well as helping them learn and apply biblical principles to their lives every day.