April 7, 2012 Pastor Jody Wells


Luke 19:10 – For the Son of man is come to seek and to save that which was lost.

Do we really know who Jesus came to seek and save? Do we fully appreciate our commission to seek them as well?
In my search for the answers to these questions, I did a simple word study. In just one “right click” and one “mouse-over” the secret was revealed! I found the reason why you and I are not truly motivated to reach the “LOST.” When I clicked on “thesaurus,” three pathetically passive words showed up. They just sat there on the screen staring at me! The software programmers and their current thesaurus defined LOST as 1) misplaced 2) mislaid 3) absent.

Now, I might MISPLACE my cell phone and I might MISLAY my keys! I might even be ABSENT from physics class! But when it comes to a human soul – when it comes to my family member – when it comes to my friend, they aren’t MISPLACED. They’re LOST! What’s the difference? Let’s find out what Jesus meant by LOST…

When Jesus said “I came to seek and to save that which was LOST,” the word He chose was crystal clear. Read carefully the definition of the Bible word Jesus chose for LOST:  1) destroyed  2) put out entirely 3) abolished 4) rendered useless  5) put to death 6) given to eternal misery in hell! That’s what Jesus meant when He said, “lost.”

At Path this month, Share Pastor Darrell Marsh and I will be pleading with you through preaching and prayer to become passionate about reaching the LOST! I pray that you see your coworkers, classmates, neighbors and even shop cashiers in a new light from this month forward. In fact, I’m asking everyone one of us to ask ourselves these questions:

  • Have I adopted a secular definition for LOST?
  • Do I really see people as LOST?
  •  Am I doing everything in my power to reach LOST family, friends and acquaintances?
  • Am I taking every opportunity afforded me by God to testify and offer hope?

Our Shepherd’s voice is clear today. He’s saying, “Find my LOST sheep!”