Pastor Emeritus – Hal Kennedy

Pastor Hal Kennedy and Sis. Voncile Kennedy served faithfully in Titusville for 33 years and accomplished much for the Kingdom. He was a compassionate and encouraging shepherd and wise steward of God’s church. Besides strong doctrinal teaching, he has a prolific ministry as a gospel music artist touching thousands of lives.  In his later years, he and his wife have found their way back to Pensacola, FL where they first came to the Lord.  Pastor Kennedy still enjoys sharing the gospel in song. Read More of Pastor Kennedy’s Bio

Senior Pastor – Jody Wells

While pursuing a secular education and career, he served the church as a musician and singer; Sunday School teacher; Youth Pastor and personal Bible study instructor. It was not until after earning a Bachelor’s Degree from The University of Central Florida and building a 16-year career with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) that Wells realized he was being called to fulltime ministry as a local pastor. He considers himself privileged to have worked as a Procurement Analyst, News Media Spokesman and Legislative Liaison for the world’s leader in human space flight, but now sees his time with NASA as preparation for an even “higher” calling. Read More of Pastor Well’s Bio

Executive Pastor – Lee Blair

Executive Pastor Lee Blair and wife Jennifer have been lifelong residents of the Titusville community. Pastor Lee is a third generation member of the Pentecostals of Titusville and started serving in the Sunday School department at the age of fifteen. He and his wife have held the positions of Sunday school teachers, Youth Pastor, Director of Education, Live Pastor, and now serve as the Executive Pastor. Pastor Lee oversees the execution and coordination of ministry and church administration while Jennifer oversees the P31 Girls ministry.

Live Pastor – Robert Mills

The Mills family have traveled the world with the United States Air Force serving American churches in Florida and Ohio and global missionaries. Pastor Robert Mills oversees the teaching and training arm of the church encouraging members to LIVE the Vision. This ministry incorporates a holistic approach to children, youth and adult ministries. His wife Deon directs the Children’s Ministry. Path Members since 2009, their ministry contributions have also included Worship and Bus Ministries.


Share Pastor – Darrell Marsh

Share Pastor Darrell Marsh and wife Tisa both came to the Lord at Path Apostolic Church. Their ministry endeavors carried them to Memphis, TN and then to Tallahassee, FL. Since returning to Path Apostolic Church, Pastor Darrell served as Outreach Minister and wife, Tisa, has served as the music minister at Path for the past four years. Together they oversee the Outreach, Inreach, Guest Services, and Charity ministries at Path encouraging members to SHARE the Vision.

Spanish Pastor – Hector Maldonado

Bro. Hector and Sis Blanca Maldonado have been involved in Ministry for the last 19 years including youth, men, and ladies ministries. After 15 years as associate pastor, it was the Lord’s will that they move to Titusville in 2010. In addition to establishing a Spanish work at Path Apostolic Church, they have assumed the pastorate at Los Pentecostals de Deltona and Bro. Hector Maldonado serves the Florida District as Secretary of Spanish Ministries.