Bible Classes | 9:30-10:15am

At Path Apostolic Church, there are Bible classes for everyone!  AND, the curriculum that we use at Path Apostolic Church is across all age demographics, meaning, what you learn in the adult classes is the same topic that they will be taught in the student and children classes.  Of course, it’s presented in ways that best fits the kids and students.  It’s makes for great family discussion on the car ride home!

Children’s Classes

The children meet in Building 3.  They will have singing, games, and an awesome bible lesson.  When class is over, the teaching team will lead the kids into the sanctuary where you can pick them up (they’ll be in the east hallway).

Student Classes

The teens (middle/high school) will meet in Building 2.  There, they will learn relevant, topical lessons from the Scripture that they can use in their everyday life.  When class is over, they’ll head over to the sanctuary where they will mingle in the foyer until the adult class has ended.

Adult Classes (Morning Manna)

Morning Manna is a deeper look into the scripture.  The topics are ever relevant, always thought provoking, and will challenge you in new ways to live your life.  Skilled teachers will present the Word with academic yet Spirit-led talent.  There will also be group questions throughout the lesson to discuss with those sitting around you (but don’t worry, if you want to just sit and listen, that’s fine too!).