Sunday Worship

Sunday Worship at Path Apostolic Church is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced!  From the fist drum click to the last handshake in the foyer, Sunday Worship is awesome!

Through the glass double doors, you’ll enter into the foyer where you’ll likely be greeted by a number of people with a handshake and a smile…what can we say, we love people!  In the foyer, you’ll see monitors that have any upcoming events or church news.  On your right will be the Ladies Restroom and the nursery (for our little ones under 4); on the left will be the Men’s Restroom.

When you enter the main sanctuary, feel free to sit wherever you feel comfortable, or one of our world class ushers will assist you in finding seating for you and your family.

At 10:30, our worship service will begin.  Path Apostolic Church music ministry will lead the charge with skilled and passionate music that will not only make you tap your feet, but stir your soul.

During this time, you will see people praising and worshipping Jesus in many different ways.  Some may pray quietly with their heads down,  some may pray openly with their hands raised, and some may even jump for joy!  We love Jesus so much, and sometimes we just get overwhelmed with His presence.  You’ll feel Him too, but there are no expectations for what should do.  Just enjoy your time with Jesus.

After we praise and worship through music and singing, you will get an opportunity to hear a life changing Word from God’s scripture and His Spirit.  Pastor Wells, one of the Associate Pastors, or even sometimes special guest ministers will share a divinely inspired message that will challenge, inspire, and guide you along your Christian Path.

When the minister finishes his or her message, they will make an offer for those that need something to come forward. Whether you’d like to pray, need prayer, need hope, need divine intervention, or just want to meet Jesus in a way you’ve never met Him before, this is your chance!  You don’t have to come down of course, but great and miraculous things happen when the church prays together like this.

After this time of prayer, Pastor Wells will ask if anyone would like to be baptized in Jesus name!  It’s an incredible moment for those that accept the offer, and you’ll see smile on their face because of the miracle that happens when they are baptized!

When service is completely over, Pastor Wells and his family would like to meet you in the Guest Welcome Room.  You’re our special guest, and we have a special gift for you as well.