Path Youth Service | Wednesday 7pm

Path Youth is the name of our Student Ministry.  On Wednesday nights, Path Youth is located in Building 3.

Path Youth starts with what teens love to do the most…”hanging out.”  They’ll be inside building 3 talking, laughing, and doing what they do; or they may be outside playing basketball, volleyball, football, or anything other sport.

After a bit, the students will come into Building 3 for the service portion of the night.  Path Youth music ministry is lead by the students themselves.  They will lead their peers in singing, praise, and worship.  It’s a beautiful time of getting connected with Jesus.

After music, Path Youth director, Nikolas Rodriguez, will bring an inspiring and applicable word from Scripture for this generation.  It will effect, challenge, and in empower the students along their Christian Path.

After the Word, an invitation will be made for the entire Student Ministry to pray to Jesus for anything they may need: healing, emotional hurt, boldness, connection with God, family issues, relationship problems, or anything their heart calls for.

At 8:30, service will end.  (And sometimes, they’ll have an awesome snack waiting for them after service)!