Wednesdays, 7pm

Wired Kids’ Ministry is INCREDIBLE, and at 7pm, the excitement begins!  The kids will be checked into **Building 2.  World-class *teachers and administrators have created a combination of fun, laughter, and learning that will keep your children engaged and excited to come again.  They kids will be divided into smaller groups (based on their age range), and the groups will rotate through different stations…each with a specific activity: they will dance, sing, and praise together in Worship.  they will make incredible and memorable crafts in another station, and they will hear a timeless tale from scripture as told by one of our team’s Storytellers.  At 8:30, your child will be ready for pickup and checkout.

*All Wired Kids’ Ministry Team members have been background checked for the safety of our children.*

**Building 2 will remain locked for the duration of Wired Kids’ Ministry.  Please knock on the door or ring the doorbell, and one of our team members will bring your child to the door for checkout.**